Nothing is more personally rewarding than using my decades of entrepreneurial experiences, knowledge, and creativity to help other entrepreneurs, startups, and even fortune 500’s conceive of new & unexpected ways to get far beyond their goals.

Idea Box is myself, & a crew of business friends that share decades of proven far outside the box creative thinking.  We offer consulting on brand positioning, strategy, marketing, sales & product development that respectfully works within your existing companies framework, & most importantly resources.

Think of us as an elite team of highly trained special forces that you can bring in at a moment’s notice. We feverishly work behind the scenes inventing inspiring, one-of-a-kind plans that your day to day employees simply don’t have the outside perspective, nor time to conceive.

When you’re ready to leave status quo & the rest of the industry permanently behind you, you’re ready for IDEA BOX.     (802) 585-1098