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New business model in the traditional ski industry
In 2013 I went back to my entrepreneurial roots to create a new ski company to disrupt the ski industry again but this time operationally. I develop new products & bring them to market faster in real-time utilizing consumer feedback selling all skis as Limited Editions, each hand signed & numbered by me, then sold exclusively direct to consumers online.  Jskis.com

 Created the ski company that pioneered twin tip skisLine-ski-company-logo
In 1995 I started this company as a college project, known for creating some of the first twin tip skis & innovating products credited for rejuvenating the sport & youth participation in skiing. In 2006 I sold it to K2 Sports & continued running it as Brand Director growing it to become the #5 US ski brand in 2013 before leaving.  Lineskis.com

FT-company-logoBrought back to life a legendary ski boot design
In 2006 while running “Line” skis working for K2 Sports I created a new ski boot brand around a previously thought to be outdated 20 year old ski boot product. Within 5 years I grew it to be one of the most sought after boots in the category, selling 20,000+ units annually becoming a top 10 US ski boot brand.  fulltiltboots.com

the-east-coast-company-logo-2Clothing designed by East Coast friends & pioneers
Back in 1996 I made a shirt that said “EAST” on it for my ski company. As simple as it was, to an east coast kid it meant a lot and became many people’s favorite shirts for years to come. From that day on I always looked forward to bringing it back to life on it’s own so more could represent this one-of-a-kind place we’re proud to call home. TheEastCoast.co

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