Nothing is more personally rewarding than using my decades of entrepreneurial brand building experience, and creativity to help empower other entrepreneurs, startups, mid sized and even fortune 500 companies re-assess and strategize new & better ways to get beyond status quo.

I bring fresh, no-nonsense, proven perspective & experience to your brand’s positioning, marketing, sales & product development. As an entrepreneur myself, I respect what you’ve already built, thus work within your brand’s frame work, & most importantly resources. Think of me as a member of a secrete elite team of highly trained special forces you’ve got in your back pocket to call upon in a moment’s notice. I work behind the scenes to help you develop plans that your day to day employees simply don’t have the outside perspective, nor time to conceive.

Whether it’s a quick phone call to confirm a hunch, an ongoing sound board or even a complete overhaul, when you’re ready to leave status quo & the rest of the industry permanently behind, give me a call.   (802) 585-1098
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